Reconstructing Street-Scenes in Real-Time From a Driving Car

Vladyslav Usenko, Jakob Engel, Jörg Stückler, Daniel Cremers
Proc. of the Int. Conference on 3D Vision (3DV), 2015

Most current approaches to street-scene 3D reconstruction from a driving car to date rely on 3D laser scanning or tedious offline computation from visual images. In this paper, we compare a real-time capable 3D reconstruction method using a stereo extension of large-scale di- rect SLAM (LSD-SLAM) with laser-based maps and traditional stereo reconstructions based on processing individual stereo frames. In our reconstructions, small-baseline comparison over several subsequent frames are fused with fixed-baseline disparity from the stereo camera setup. These results demonstrate that our direct SLAM technique provides an excellent compromise between speed and accuracy, generating visually pleasing and globally consistent semi- dense reconstructions of the environment in real-time on a single CPU.

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