Methodology for Generating Individualized Trajectories from Experiments

Wolfgang Mehner, Maik Boltes, Armin Seyfried
Traffic and Granular Flow (TGF'15)

Traffic research has reached a point where trajectories are available for microscopic analysis. The next step will be trajectories which are connected to human factors, i.e information about the agent. The first step in pedestrian dynamics has been done using video recordings to generate precise trajectories. We go one step further and present two experiments for which ID markers are used to produce individualized trajectories: a large-scale experiment on pedestrian dynamics and an experiment on single-file bicycle traffic. The camera set-up has to be carefully chosen when using ID markers. It has to facilitate reading out the markers, while at the same time being able to capture the whole experiment. We propose two set-ups to address this problem and report on experiments conducted with these set-ups.

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